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Front box art for the first person shooter "Call of Duty Ghosts" for Sony Playstation 3.
Retro game disc for the COD game "Call of Duty Ghosts" on Sony Playstation 3.
Back box art for the fps "Call of Duty Ghosts" for Sony Playstation 3.

Call of Duty Ghosts (Sony Playstation 3)

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The world is changing... The complete nuclear destruction of the Middle East left the global economy in shambles. Several oil rich countries in South America have banded together in the aftermath and have formed the Federation of the Americas. Rich in oils, the Federation quickly became a global superpower amidst the economic crisis plaguing the rest of the world. As the Federation grows in power they begin to conquer Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Who is brave enough to stand against the immense imperialistic force that is the Federation of the Americas?