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Intergalactic Games and Collectibles operates in a unique space which brings a lot of collector customers as well as casual gamers and readers. As such we strive to describe our products in such a way that the collector knows exactly what they are getting but the average gamer isn't overwhelmed. Nonetheless when operating in this space there is bound to be some terminology used that will be unfamiliar to some customers. As such we will describe some of the more unique verbage here.


Loose: Product is sold as game only. Discs will be put in a replacement case but will not come in its original retail packaging.

Complete: Game includes original case, box art, manual, and game disc/cartridge. In the event that a game originally retailed with an extra such as a poster or map, it will be noted in parentheses whether or not it will be included with your purchase.

Sealed: Game is still new and factory sealed.


High: Comic will be in such a condition that you can expect a minimum CGC grade of 8.0 should you choose to get the book graded. In most cases the grade will actually be higher than that.

Mid: Comic will be in such a condition that you can expect a CGC grade between 5.0 and 7.5 should you choose to grade it. Books typically still present well but are not flawless.

Low: Comic has substantial defects making it not great for presentation but is a cheaper alternative for those looking for something to read. Would likely obtain a grade less than a 5.0 if graded by the CGC.

Note We will sometimes list notable defects such as, sharpie marks or notable tears, in the listed grade. The provided grade has already taken these flaws into account. For example a product listed as "Mid grade w/ sharpie top/bottom" is expected to get mid grade despite the sharpie. This may very well have been a high grade copy had that flaw not existed.